Strength the institutions

After the dismal performance of Pakistan cricket team in the world cup former cricket stars and public are bashing the cricket team. You cannot put the steps right until you are able to know the root causes of the decline of cricket in our country. Legendary cricketer and Pakistan’s world cup winning team captain Imran Khan has been criticizing the structure of domestic cricket since ages. Imran Khan revealed interesting facts of the emergence of legendary fast bowlers Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and batsman Inzimam ul Haq in the arena of world cricket.

He said that once a team was selected for New Zeeland cricket and a bowler was bowling better than the selected bowlers. When he asked about him nobody had any idea, eventually Imran found and picked him for the national team, latter he became a legendary fast bowler Wasim Akram. He said that for the very first time he saw Waqar Younish on TV in a domestic match and he was bowling very fast, after inquiring for some time he came to know about him and selected him for the team.

Imran said that he started preparing for the world cup 1992 one year before the tournament and he was looking for a decent batsman, somebody told him about Inzamam-ul-Haq that he was a bulky batsman but very talented. After observing Inzamam’s potential Imran selected him for the World Cup but the selectors were against his decision and one of them resigned in protest.

We must be grateful to Imran Khan else world cricket could have been unable to watch the legendary cricketers. It is the main job of PCB to formulate such a domestic structure that only talented and deserving cricketers could be picked without any nepotism.  It is dilemma in our society that we are unable to strength the institutions that is the key to success.

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