Standing against VIP culture

A case has been registered against Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani, son of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, and his guards after they allegedly killed a student in Lahore.

The victim, Tahir Malik, and his brother Waheed, were going to a relative’s house on their bike to distribute sacrificial meat, when they came across Qadir Gilani’s motorcade.

Waheed in his statement to the police told that the guards shouted at and abused them, forcing them to stay away from the motorcade and by the time they crossed motorcade the guards opened fire at them, killing Tahir on the spot and he got injured. FIR has been lodged and guard has been arrested and is being interrogated.

Whether this family gets justice or not is another matter. The other family, of course, handed over the guard who was just pawn acting at someone’s orders but what about the master? Murdering any innocent human being is murder of the whole humanity.

Shameful VIP protocol culture of our political elite families, time is changing and elite must mend their ways, else they would be left with no place to hide. People are getting awareness about their rights and they have the feelings against VIP culture that enough is enough and this must be ended.

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