Staff lacks skills, PIA admits before SC

November 15, 2018

ISLAMABAD:  The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) admitted before the Supreme Court that the Human Resource (HR) Department, despite being over-staffed, “lacks quality”, “out of box thinkers” and “energetic professionals”. The reply was submitted with the court in response to the Attorney General for Pakistan’s previous month’s report on reasons behind PIA’s accumulated losses. The PIA management, through its counsel Naeem Bukhari, submitted a multi-volume reply wherein it was stated that the HR department needed an overall upgradation to cope with the challenging business environment. “Unfortunately, the PIA HR Department has not undergone any major change since its inception, which has been quite detrimental for the department itself as well as for the overall working of the organisation as HR constitutes the backbone of any organisation,” said the reply. “It is a dilemma that no one has acknowledged the significance of the HR and the department is still stuck in the traditional approaches of administration and personnel.”It further said that most of the people in the HR department lacked appropriate educational background as they were conventional in their approach and resistant to change, adding that they did not want to deviate from their age-old practices and comfort zone. The PIA said that the management was working on a concrete and elaborate plan to uplift and empower the HR department. “A two-pronged strategy is being adopted as a capacity building measure for the HR department, including changing the attitude of the workplace,” it added. “We are also developing a comprehensive reward and punishment programme to improve the overall performance of the HR whereby employees will be motivated to work an extra mile for which they will be duly rewarded, but at the same time fearing consequences for their slackness.” Monitoring Desk