Solar energy can bring revolution in energy sector, resolve energy crisis: Bokhari

ISLAMABAD, Dec 16 (INP): Chairman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari has said solar energy can bring about a revolution in energy sector which will help bridge the demand and supply gap. He, however, said that it would require better policies at the government level to expedite progress in the area of solar energy.

In an interview with PTV and later meeting with representatives of Yingli Solar, a Chinese Solar energy company at his residence on Tuesday, Senator Nayyer Bokhari exchanged views on increasing cooperation in energy sector between the two countries.

Chairman Senate said that the energy crisis is also affecting the economy and industrial production. “The current shortfall of 4 to 6 thousand megawatt calls for using alternate sources of energy,” he said. He appreciated the government’s initiatives towards importing solar panels and said that reducing customs duty and taxes in this sector will further encourage people towards using it.

Nayyer Bokhari emphasized the use of green energy saying that it is cheaper as well as environment friendly. Talking about his visit to China, the Chairman Senate said that the Pakistani delegation had visited a number of projects utilizing solar energy. This, he said, looked a viable option for Pakistan.

Chairman Senate appreciated the expertise of Yingli Solar which is working on a number of projects in Pakistan. Sky Han from Yingli Solar said the there is huge potential for investment in energy sector of Pakistan and the company is keen to help Pakistan in overcoming energy crisis.

Bokhari laid special emphasis on increasing awareness about solar energy. Besides, domestic usage, He also emphasized the need to utilized solar energy for agriculture sector of Pakistan. “This will give relief to public and will also support the economy,” he said. He said people using solar system would also be able to sell surplus megawatts to the national grid.


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