Solar energy best immediate solution to cope with energy crisis: FCCI

FAISALABAD (INP): President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) Engineer Suhail Bin Rashid has said that use and promotion of solar energy is the only immediately available affordable solution to effectively face the persistent energy crisis in the country.   He expressed these views while talking to Shafqat Ullah Butt, Manager Corporate (Sales) Telsa, a solar solution company that arranged an exhibition of solar panels and other equipments in the committee room of FCCI.   The President along with senior vice president Riaz-ul-Haq and vice president Chaudhary Muhammad Asghar visited the exhibition and discussed various issues for the extensive use of solar energy in this agro-industrial city.   Eng. Suhail Rashid said that Pakistan is located in a region where sunlight is available from 14-16 hours per day but we failed to fully exploit its potential despite of the acute shortage of energy.   He said that government usually focuses on long term policies whereas people at grass root level want immediate and money-wise affordable solution. In this connection solar energy is most viable solution, hence government should encourage use of solar energy at lower level by exempting solar related panels and related appliances from all taxes and duties in addition to facilitating its manufacturers through policy making.   The President FCCI said that solar systems are available for homes and shops which could be made more inexpensive through subsidy by government. In this connection government could also launch installment schemes through banks in addition to leasing out these systems through leasing companies. It will not only attract maximum people to get solar system but also manage it within their own financial resources, he said and added that this is the most feasible option to save people from the ill impacts of load shedding.   He also asked the solar companies to reduce their profit as cheaper systems will double their sale and overall income.   Eng Suhail Rashid also showed interest in installation of solar system in FCCI complex and asked Mr. Butt to present viable proposals enabling him to get its approval from the Executive Committee of the FCCI.

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