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Sociability gone

By Prof Aftab Amber

Aristotelian world of wisdom narrated that; Man is a social Animal; when we peep through the window of reality, we come to know that we have to interact, have to meet because we are in a very much social ties of our lives. It is our instinct to get in touch with our fellow beings, but now the situation is contrary to the reality. The world of fantasy seems attractive, showy and colorful. Having vanity in our mind set we are proud to be in a global village. We have been connected globally on the wings of information technology. Man of today is updated in every second in the winking of an eye. We are an advanced generation .Man of today has been marked a bird of technology to grasp everything nicely and quickly. We are very much approachable to every corner of life with the help of modern technology at our door step. We are not genuine in social circle as the people of olden days were very sympathetic, sociable, and kind  to each other.

An artificial scenario is in a different panoramic view before us throwing dust into the eyes of reality day by day. Now the picture of society is very strange and odd.  Man is at the border lines of for getting his taboos and he has not been sociable.

A technology which came to connect us has now pushed us to the wrong direction. A mobile phone is very much functional in a finger click of our hands now-days. At out single click we easily get connected to another world of IMO, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK and other modes of communication as well.

But the actual charm of gossiping, chatting has gone far from our social life. It has become a common feature among us, we sitting in a company of friends keep our fingers and mobiles rather than talking or chatting with our fellow beings.

There was a time when we used to listen this word, “Once upon a time” we used to enjoy the stories from our mothers and grandmothers to soothe our sleep. Now where is charm of lullaby from the melodies of a mother lap?

Where is hide and seek now we don’t find this mischievous charm of our old games. It is said that Old is gold. “No doubt this is a fact, but every old tradition has been swept away. Where is Guli Danda, Kabadi. Mobile has replaced old toys of our childhood.

I have penned down the real roots of our traditions. I am not against mobile phone and modern technologies but we have been entangled in a crazy world which has imprinted badly upon our minds.

We have been cut off from each other socially, modern devices are in our very much use.

Now mind is seeking the originality of social world. We have been deprived of our social behavior man has lost his real status of sociability. We are more communicative, well informed and our level of awareness has increased but socially we have become poor. Intimacy and sociability is out of our reach.

I have to utter now that when the sociability is gone then everything is gone.

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