Smartphone ad — laws, values, decency rest in peace

A mobile phone manufacturing company’s newly launched cell phone advertisement on media, particularly on electronic media is highly objectionable. In the said advertisement a girl says’ the sexiest and slimmest phone in the world’.

According to the Code of Conduct by PEMRA, any advertisement aired shall be designed in such a manner that it conforms to the laws of the country and is not offensive to morality, decency and religious sects of the people of Pakistan. Further the Section 2 (k) of same code says that no advertisement shall be aired which contains indecent, vulgar, or offensive themes or treatment and material which is repugnant to ideology of Pakistan or Islamic values. Airing objectionable commercial has put the question mark on the performance of the concerned authorities. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) should impose immediate ban on the commercial.

In our culture, families sit together to watch the television, and airing any advertisement lacking decency is hard to digest in such atmosphere.   What answer a brother would have to his younger sister to explain what is the sexy? We have a rich language, with no shortage or words to explain any feeling or objective. We are sure that advertisement agencies would find very expressive and powerful words suitable to sale their goods.

We would like to mention that Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Roze News has the honor of being the first media group to create and implement a complete code of conduct for the organization. The code of conduct implemented by Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Roze News is glowing example for every other media group in the country. Television is the prime source of information, education and entertainment, therefore, TV audience want to watch the content reflecting our culture and traditions.

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