Smart Lockdown: Some Crunch Questions

July 27, 2020

The Punjab government has decided to impose a lock down till August 5. The notification states that “All retail shops, markets, shopping malls and plazas shall remain closed.” 

Now , frankly speaking this scheme is intriguing and it is bit hard to understanding what actually was going in the minds of the authorities while imposing such a sudden lock down. Here are the reasons: 

The chief secretary says that shopping activities in markets before Eidul Azha could intensify the spread of Covid-19, adding that keeping in view the experience of Eidul Fitr, it had been decided in the larger public interest to enforce ‘smart lockdowns’ ahead of the upcoming religious festival. Now the question is : Why you have decided this in a surprisingly sudden way? The decision about the lockdown could have been announced earlier so as to accommodate the people and the small traders. Now the situation is troubling for both people and the traders. People have to buy necessary things for Eid as they haven’t yet received the salary. The traders on the other hands have invested for Eid. Had this decision been announced earlier they would not have invested in Eid. Is it wise to push traders to the wall in such a crunch economic situation? Is there anybody ready to think over it? 

It is very interesting and is very hard to understand that Eid holidays are till August 2 but the lockdown is extended upto August 5. What is the rational of lockdown even after the Eid holidays? I cant understand the logic behind this decision. 

It is job of the government to facilitate the people. It is not the job of the ruling elite to catch people by surprise. The national life must go in a smooth way. Surprises and sudden decisions of such nature only eviscerate the economy of the poor. Those enjoying huge perks from the national exchequer may not understand it but this the fact and this fact should have been taken into consideration. 

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