Sit-ins not an option: Time to develop national consensus

Current political crisis in the country has brought together all those, who once used to be rivals of each other. Continuation of democracy in state has forced all the politicians to join hands, forgetting the differences between them. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former president Asif Ali Zardari Saturday held important meeting in the backdrop of ongoing political crises. Both the leaders ruled out the prime minister’s resignation and vowed to resolve all the issues through political dialogue. Ishaq Dar briefing the media revealed that the prime minister and Zardari are in agreement that any step taken should be within the limits of the constitution. PPP co chairperson Zardari has fully supported PM Nawaz… for the supremacy of the constitution and democracy. Both the PM and Asif Zardari were concerned over the cancellation of trips by heads of state, postponement of the IMF review as well as the delay in finalising details for the Dasu project due to the sit-ins of PTI and PAT which has entered in to 10 days now. PML-N and PPP agreed to work for strengthening democracy while Zardari assured the ruling parties that PPP will not to support any extra-constitutional measures to resolve the crisis. JI Ameer Sirajul Haq who is striving hard to find a peaceful solution to end the deadlock reportedly supported the PPP’s stance for making efforts to preserve democracy in state and to find a peaceful solution to the issue Pakistan is experiencing financial losses because of the deadlock and ruling party has shown flexibility and keeps arguing that all parties except PTI have agreed that they will hold the Constitution supreme. No doubt government has demonstrated maximum restraints and did not use force against the marchers, but it must not ignore Pakistan Awami Tehreek which is no doubt has also emerged a major stakeholder under the prevailing circumstances. While (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has termed his protest as totally constitutional, legal and democratic. He remained stickled to his demands and not ready to call of protest and keep pressing for the resignation as well arrests of the PM, CM and others to resign the formation of national government. Dr Qadri called for the nation’s leaders to be put on trial under Article 6 of the constitution for violating the constitution. Imran Khan is in mood to move forward unless the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigned. It was also visible from his speech in which he told his activists that Nawaz-Zardari meeting would change nothing as his party had made up its mind that talks can be move forward if PM submits resignation. Every political party even those who are not part of PML-N or PAT, PTI have developed a consensus that the country at this point is taken over by sit-in protests and trying to find a formula acceptable to all the stakeholders. The efforts to end the deadlock came to standstill when some hot-blooded ministers, ex ministers of the ruling party indulged themselves in character assassination politics. In civilized society there is no place to drag politicians’ family members especially the women into political confrontation. The government and protesting parties have to choose a person suitable for listening to both sides with patience in order to develop consensus to end the sit-ins. The judiciary is also listening to  the stance taken by the protesting parties and sooner or later it would issue verdict whether it suits to protesting parties or government. Though protest is the right of every political party but until it remains under the parameters set by the constitution. There are reports that talks between PTI and PAT are making a little headway as some quarters involved in the process are pressing both parties to step back from their very demand i.e resignation of PM. But now there are some quarters are advising Prime Minister to step down in the larger interest of the country. PTI leaders have also advised the PM that he should go on leave and let the rest decide the matter. Each and every political parties are now sitting together to end the political crises which has badly damaged the routine of common man. The government has placed containers across the Punjab in general and in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in particular citing security concerns. The ultimate suffer again are the masses who have become victims of political confrontation. They can not move freely due to containers erected by the government. If the democracy is of the people by the people and for the people, than there is no need to place containers, making the masses prisoners in their own cities. The matter must be resolved now as masses are fed up besides the confrontation is posing a threat to democratic system, as nobody is ready to give an inch thus one can not rule out intervention of third force under the prevailing circumstances.

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