Sit-ins mutiny against State & Parliament; Ch Nisar

Seeks guidance from Parliament how to deal with the mutineers


Salman Tanvir


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said on Tuesday said that the sit-in by the PAT and PTI is a mutiny against the State and Parliament and sought guidance from the Parliament how to deal with the mutineers.

Addressing the joint session of parliament on current political situation, Chaudhry Nisar said the country is passing through extremely critical times. He said that this parliament is the voice of 180 million people and is united in the face of invasion and mutiny against the state of Pakistan by a few thousand people.

He said that no one should have doubt that the nation is standing with its elected leader.

Ch Nisar said that it is not a protest or sit-in but a mutiny against Pakistan and state institutions. He said enough is enough and taking no action against such people would be a crime and what role Parliament can play in resolving this situation.

He maintained that they are not revolutionaries, they are intruders and terrorists,” claiming that there are over 2000 terrorists among the protestors who belongs to a terrorist organization. They are armed with axes, wooden batons, nails, hammers, cutters and slinging.

He said those who were involved in invasion of PTV complex would be identified through CCTV footage. NADRA will be asked to identify them and provide their complete back ground which will be submitted before the Apex Court to prove that they are liars and made false statements.

Nisar sought the advice of the Parliament to give its opinion whether thw sit-ins are part of democracy and politics or a revolt against Pakistan as they entered state institutions which are symbol of state.



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