Sindh Govt prepares first ever Policy on Occupational Safety & Health

KARACHI (INP): The first ever draft provincial Policy on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) was unveiled in Karachi, by the Sindh Labour Department in a tripartite consultation with Employers, Workers, Civil society organizations and media.

The Policy has been designed as part of the tripartite Joint Action Plan for ‘Promoting Workplace Safety & Health in Sindh’ developed with the technical support of International Labour Organization (ILO) in the aftermath of devastating factory fire in Baldia Town Karachi in September 2012.

The Policy recognizes the need for regulatory and enforcement issues, knowledge and awareness issues; and business and financial issues related to the occupational safety and health of workers in the province of Sindh. It also recognizes the need for strict application of OSH standards in all sectors of the economy and in all forms of employment relationships including formal and informal economic sectors.

The primary purpose of this Policy is not only to eliminate the incidence of work-related injuries, diseases, fatalities, disaster and loss of national assets and ensuring achievements of a high level of OSH performance through proactive approaches but to also enhance the well-being of the employee and the society at large and bringing about a positive economic growth in the province by minimizing losses, wastes and inefficiencies.

The proposed policy is designed to enable the Government to meet its obligations of safeguarding citizens under the Constitution of Pakistan as well as under various international labour standards ratified by the country and also responds to the priorities set out under the country’s Decent Work Country Progrmme II (2010-2015).



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