Siddiq demands taking Imran into protective custody immediately

Says Imran’s statement invites fatal threats to his and Sharifs’ lives


ISLAMABAD (INP) Imran Khan has invited fatal threat to his own and Sharif’s family lives by making irresponsible statement. The government should immediately take IK into protective custody to preempt possible threat to his life. Imran Khan’s psychiatric treatment has also become essential especially in his personal interest.

This was stated by Siddiq ul Farooq , the PML-N chief coordinator. He reminded that IK in his news conference on 9th Aug had said,’’ Young men, if anything happens to me, do not spare Sharif family at any cost’’. He said this very statement has made IK vulnerable and God forbid anti state elements may make fatal attempt on Imran khan’s life while rivals and enemies of Sharif’s family may also cause irreparable loss to IK.

He said Imran Khan may also, as human being God forbid, face a fatal accident. If any one of these possibilities come true then how Sharif family can be held responsible for that and why lives of the family in case of such eventuality be exposed to threat, he questioned?

Referring to Tahir ul Qadri’s instigating statements and consequential results of martyrdom of 3 policemen, he said the possible results of Ik’s furious and thoughtless statements can well be assessed. He said it is very unfortunate that IK has down graded himself and has become ‘’junior Tahir ul Qadri.”

To a question Siddique ul Farooque divulged that a member of Khan’s family has disclosed that Mr Khan since long is suffering from serious psychiatric disease. He had so many times, been advised to get himself treated but he paid deaf ear to this advice. Resultantly his decision making power has suffered seriously and he has to take frequent U-turns.

To a question about IK’s rigging allegations Mr Farooq suggested   that Mr.Khan must read thoroughly the final evaluation report submitted to him by party’s three members evaluation committee comprising Mr. Tasneem Noorani, Ahmed Awais and Yaqoob Azhar which has rejected IK’s allegations and attributed the failures to party’s election strategy, decision making and polling arrangements.

To another question Farooq said that Sheikh Rashid Ahmed by giving negative advice to IK is avenging his disgrace and insult at the hands of Mr. Khan in the near past. To yet another question the PML-N leader said government will not stop peaceful march however no one will be spared if one takes law in ones hands. He said it is high time to make political culture in Pakistan completely subservient to constitution and law and the existing negative culture is completely reformed in the interest of the state and its people.

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