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Sialvi demands resignation of Shehbaz or Sanaullah by Dec 31

GUJRANWALA: Pir Khawaja Hameeduddin Sialvi has demanded on Sunday that either Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shehbaz Sharif or law minister Rana Sanaullah resigns by December 31 in a controversial statement row.

The cleric addressed a Khatm-e-Nabuwwat conference in Sheranwala Bagh in Gujranwala District today and demanded the provincial government to either have the CM or the law minister resigned to settle the issue.

During his address, the cleric asserted that he would not budge and have the demand met even if he has to offer sacrifice of his life.

He took a vow from the participants of the conference that they would vote for PML-N in the General Elections 2018 and that they would not succumb to any pressure. He warned the leaders of ruling PML-N to not play with the sentiments of the people or else ‘fire would reach the parliament’.

He also claimed to receive the first bullet if the country is harmed. Pir Sialvi complained that Punjab CM had promised him to have the law minister resigned but he is yet to come true to his words.

He further said that Member of National Assembly (MNA) Hamza Shehbaz had asked him to postpone the rally however, he challenged him to stop the rally it the government can.

The cleric claimed that no force could take down a united body of clerics and that Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) stands its ground and would in the future. INP

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