Shocking revelation

June 12, 2018

Shocking news emerged from Allied Hospital Faisalabad that a racket is involved in selling and purchasing new born babies from decades. Responding to a complaint of child trafficking police from the Civil Lines station has uncovered what could possibly be an organised child trafficking ring operating out of the Allied Hospital. During the raid the police arrested a woman who has made shocking allegations. Khursheeda Bibi claimed to be an employee of the Allied Hospital and confessed to her involvement in the purchase and sale of newborns for the last three decades. The accused has alleged that hospital staff, including doctors, gynaecologists and the Medical Superintendent have all been involved in the racket. According to the held accused the price of a newborn boy was Rs300,000 while a newborn girl was sold for Rs200,000. Police sources claim, Khursheeda Bibi and her husband were also involved in the trade of illegitimate newborns. A case was filed against Khursheeda, her daughter and three others and she has been sent on judicial remand.

There is dire need to properly investigate the revelations of the accused and all involved in the heinous crime must be brought to justice. Pakistan is included in the list of one of the most dangerous countries for the new born babies due to its high child mortality rate. As per a UNICEF report released this year on child mortality revealed Pakistan to have the worst new-born mortality rate. A baby born in Pakistan faced a one in 22 chance of death, while a newborn in Japan had only a one in 1,111 risk of dying, the report said.

Inadequate healthcare facilities are the main reasons behind such high rate of infant mortality. But despite of all these hardships and difficulties if children are born safely even then it seems that they are not safe. It is massively shocking news and there should be no leniency in investigation of this revelation that a racket is involved in inhuman practice of selling new born babies. At the moment one accused has confessed involvement but it is understood that without consent of other high ups in the hospital this disgusting practice was not possible and whole tragedy raises some serious questions to be answered.

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