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Shehbaz demands parliamentary commission to probe ‘worst’ electoral rigging

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz President, Shehbaz Sharif, demanded on Friday that a parliamentary commission should be formed to investigate the rigging in General Elections 2018, for which a report should be submitted within a month.

In his first speech after losing to Imran Khan in the elections for the premiership of the country, Shehbaz Sharif decried that Pakistan witnessed the elections in which both the victorious as well as the losing candidate was protesting.

Addressing the newly elected Prime Minister, Imran Khan, the former Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif inquired whether the PTI government would tender resignation if rigging is proved citing that such demand was made by PTI after 2013 elections.

‘Instead of form 45, results were provided on simple papers,’ decried Shehbaz Sharif as he highlighted the alleged rigging in the elections.

The younger Sharif asserted that an amendment should be brought to reform the Election Act 2017.

He warned that if the questions put forth by PML-N were not answered, a movement would be launched across the country.

‘No one should be left in confusion as we would not retreat on our demands,’ announced Sharif.

The PML-N chief expressed that they would not encourage people to transfer money through illegal means (hundi) or would not convince people to burn their utility bills, in a reference to the initiatives taken by PTI during the 2014 sit-in.

He highlighted that the imprisoned Nawaz Sharif had given the gift of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to the country.

With the efforts of Nawaz Sharif, 5000 MegaWatts of electricity were added to the national grid, claimed Shehbaz Sharif. INP

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