Shared responsibility

Indeed implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) is a shared responsibility of all the concerned institution of state to ensure long lasting peace in the country. But as it was being expected, government has issued a rejoinder in response to the concerns of military leadership about snails pace implementation of NAP.

We accept that NAP’s implementation is a common responsibility but all institutions should work within their limits under constitution. There is no doubt that argument of government is valid that they are accountable only to masses but ground realities also demand that government should escalate efforts to enhance progress of NAP. The issue triggered a debate in Senate and almost all political parties except Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf announced their backing for government but also asked for speedy efforts.
After considering few facts, calls to speed up efforts for implementation of NAP in true letter and spirit seems justified.

National Counter Terrorism Authority has been dysfunctional since 2009 due to absence of some service rules. Proscribed institutions are working freely after changing their names and government’s response remained poor to tackle presence of banned outfits mushrooming in the country. Government has not done anything substantial regarding seminary reforms. A lot more needs to do in eradicating terror financing, until we put full stop on terror abettors its hard to put full stop on activities of terrorism. Counterterrorism operations are in limbo due to the non-formation of the Joint Investigation Teams. Issue of rehabilitation of internal displaced persons has been neglected and they are finding it hard to settle back to their region.

All these realities show the sloppiness of the government in the implementation of NAP. In reality government needs to pay attention to all aspects that need to be tackled to eliminate terrorism.

Implementation of NAP is shared responsibility and all institutions need to work under a well managed central coordination system.

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