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Shaneira Akram is all praises for CBC’s effort to clean Karachi’s beach

Philanthropist and wife of former Pakistani cricket captain Wasim Akram, Shaniera Akram, urged people to keep the beaches of Karachi clean.

“PLEASE don’t let our efforts go in vain,” she wrote on Instagram.

She stated that the rubbish people drop is just like slapping the face of the people that are working hard to keep the beach clean.

“Wasim and I both visited our beach after hearing of the conditions and since spoken to cooperative authorities who invited us down yesterday to witness their efforts to help restore our beach,” she captioned the pictures of a cleanliness drive held by the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC).

The activist highlighted that the CBC has employed over 200 plus workers to clean the beach and foreshore every day.

“They have deployed over 10 tractors and one large beach cleaning machine to help extract the trash from under the sand,” she wrote.

Acknowledging the efforts of the board, she mentioned that they also offer their employees breakfast, chai (tea) and lunch and supply water, warm clothes, and cleaning gear.

“Incredible efforts made by #cliftoncantonmentboard to ensure that our beaches stay clean and safe for public use,” she reiterated.

She further wrote: “Please do the right thing and respect our community, our natural resources and our city by disposing of your rubbish the right way!”

Shaniera has always been quite vocal about the issues of Pakistan, particularly Karachi.

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