Dialogue process not making any headway : Qadri

Salman Tanvir

ISLAMABAD: The PAT chiefr Tahirulo Qadri Wednesday declared that the dialogue process with the government has failed. He told the stunned activists that the government team sought more time but he had made it clear to them that they have to come with the acceptance of PAT demands.

Earlier, Federal Ministers Ishaq Dar and Zahid Hamid held two rounds of dialogue with the PAT Chief, Dr Tahurl Qadri in a desperate bid to pursue later to end the prevailing political crisis. Governor Sindh and Governor Punjab were also present in the container Wednesday night.

After the departure of Ishaq Dar and Zahid Hamid, PAT leader Rameeq Abbasi told the gathering that the dialogue could not moved forward and told., Dr Qadri along with Governor Sindh and Governor Punjab came out of the container. Governor Sindh while addressing to the PAT activists, told that he has come here to show solidarity with the party. He said MQM’ stance is very clear and the party wants that the genuine demands of the PAT should be addressed as per the constitution.He told that if the PAT’ demands were not met then MQM would have no option but to join the protest. The governor Punjab Ghulam Sarwar left the venue without addressing the gathering.

the emotionally charged PAT activists raised anti government slogans upon which Dr Qadri asked his workers to show respect the guest even he is enemy as he has come to our door.

Earlier, PAT chief had said that the government team will return at around 9:30pm after consulting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

“We extended only two core demands to the government ministers … and they have asked for a couple of hours for getting the premier’s consent,” he said.

The anti-government cleric, who has been staging a protest sit-in with thousands of supporters for the last ten days to oust PM Sharif’s government, announced that the ‘Inquilab march’ would not be called off, however, the deadline can be extended by a few hours only to negotiate further on rest of the demands.

Qadri vowed to make the government team announce the eventual outcome of the talks officially if the two demands are met. He said the negotiations have entered into a conclusive and decisive stage now and urged the masses to be a part of ‘history’, which he claimed was about to be made in the federal capital.

The PAT earlier in the day had refused to withdraw from its 48-hour deadline to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) government.

Speaking to the media, PAT leader Raheeq Abbasi had said that the party will decide for any future course of action after the deadline expires at 6pm.

Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid (PML-Q) chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain also went to meet PAT chief Tahirul Qadri in the latter’s container parked in Islamabad’s Red Zone.

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