Shahbaz directs to expedite of relief activities in flood-hit areas

Sindh, Southern Punjab to face severe flooding in coming days


KARACHI/LAHORE: Sindh and Southern Punjab are expected to face severe flooding in the coming days, the Pakistan Meteorological Department warned on Sunday. So far heavy monsoon rains and flash floods have killed about 200 people across the country.


A press release issued by the Meteorological Department said that water levels in the Indus River at Sukkur and Guddu Barrage are constantly increasing, and consequently, there will be severe floods on September 13 and 14 in both provinces.


The department has called on government officials to take necessary rescue measures.

The annual monsoon season has struck hard across the region, leaving people to wade through rushing water in towns and villages across Pakistan

Ahmed Kamal, spokesman for Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority, said 48 people had died in Azad Kashmir and 11 in the adjacent Gilgit Baltistan area since the flooding began.


“Army helicopters and navy boats are rescuing people and taking them to safety from submerged villages in Punjab and affected areas of Kashmir,” Kamal said.

He said that the flooding had hit 286 villages in Punjab, as several rivers breached their banks, and that the crisis was rapidly becoming a “national emergency.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has directed the administration in Punjab to expedite the relief activities in all flood-hit areas of Punjab. He also directed to send mobile filtration plants to the flood-affected areas.

 Shahbaz Sharif presided over a meeting today (Sunday) in which the situation created by the floods was examined in detail. The Chief Minister ordered the administration to use all available resources for the safety of the people. He also directed to use helicopters and boats for evacuating people in the flood-hit areas.

 While directing to provide all necessary items in the flood relief camps, CM Punjab said that all the institutions must perform their duties in efficient fashion. He said that no negligence will be tolerated. INP/DNA

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