SGA celebrates 100 Years of Literary Services of Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo

ISLAMABAD, Nov 16 (INP): Sindh Graduates Association Islamabad branch paid rich tributes to services of legendary writer, intellectual and political thinker of Sindh, Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo. Ceremony was part of celebrating 100 years of services of Joyo who celebrated his 99th birthday this year. Dozens of events in connection with centennial celebration of Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo have been planned across Pakistan in this regard.

Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo is author of over 50 books on literature, history, poetry, current affairs and linguistics.  This year he was awarded lifetime achievement award by Academy of Letters.

Speakers were of the opinion that Ibrahim Joyo has been part of social, political and literary movements on one hand and on other hand has mentored hundreds of writers, intellectuals, poets and political activists of Sindh throughout his life. He introduced the world literature to the readers of Sindhi literature.

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Amanullah Memon said that Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo is key contributor in shaping the thinking of modern Sindh and has been leading the literary movements of awareness and renaissance in Sindh.

Renowned writer and analyst Jami Chandio said Ibrahim Joyo has spent meaningful life through writings, teachings, mentoring and political activism.  “From Sheikh Ayaz to myself, Joyo sahib’s mentoring is key contributor in shaping up of political, social and literary identity of leading writers of Sindh” he said. Jami said Joyo is inspired by European renaissance and has contributed to mass awareness in Sindh.

President of SGA Islamabad Muhammad Yousif Memon said that SGA was committed to promotion of languages, literature and culture of Pakistan and centennial celebration of Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo were part of this commitment.  Writer and development professional Naseer Memon in his remarks said that Ibrahim Joyo has enlightened generations of Sindh and prevented Sindh from plunging into darkness of extremism.

Former Senator and former Federal Minister Nisar Memon and Nazar Memon also spoke on the occasion. INP

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