Sexual harassment

August 10, 2018

For too long, women sexual harassment in Pakistan were not uncovered believing that the consequences of taking action are more damaging than staying silent, most women continue to staying silent with harassment.

The rape and murder of Zainab had led to countrywide protests and created a new scenario to reveal the harasser the not to stay silent. Where the culprit named Imran Ali in Zainab murder/raped case was handed 12 death sentences by a special anti-terrorism court.

But unfortunately, a shocking incident in the heart of the federal capital was happened where a young woman was allegedly blackmailed and sexually assaulted by officials of Capital Development Authority (CDA) in broad daylight inside a public park. It is important to highlighted here that the victim after registering the report against the offender, said she was bringing the matter on record so that no other woman falls prey to these criminals and they are taken to task for their crime.

While another shocking incident showing ignorance of the administrations and it is even unacceptable to do something for throwing the burden from their shoulders. The legislative body of the Upper House of parliament was told that medical tests on bodies of three girls found in Cholistan desert confirmed they were sexually assaulted. Woman medical officer named Dr Azka Haleem, at the basic health unit in Fort Abbas who had conducted primary medical examination of the three girls, revealed that the girls had been sexually assaulted and that they did not die of starvation or a sandstorm in the desert. Earlier deputy commissioner of Bahawalnagar declared their deaths a ‘natural calamity’ despite the initial medical tests stating the girls had been sexually assaulted. The administration tried to misreport the facts just for to low their shoulder burden.

The women in Pakistan are considerably more vulnerable to harassment, as per a report more than 80% of women in Pakistan face sexual harassment on a daily basis. The ombudsperson can play an important role in combating sexual harassment. Federal and provincial governments must ensure that ombudspersons are appointed and that they are working in an effective and transparent manner. However, for law to be a realistic deterrent and to reshape social attitudes towards sexual harassment, effective implementation and consistent oversight is essential.

Effective implementation of laws and consistent oversight is essential to eliminate sexual harassment.

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