Senate body recommends operation to clear Karachi of arms, mafias

ISLAMABAD (INP): Senate Standing Committee on Interior has recommended the government for the launching of across the board operation to cleanse Karachi from all types of arms, formation of peace committees and closure of welfare offices in streets and other centres.

The committee which met here Tuesday under the chairmanship of Senator Talha Mahmood Chaudhry also demanded that names all those accused arrested in Karachi operation should be made public.

Committee member Shahid Syed presented his letter to the people of Pakistan giving six proposals to make Karachi a crime free city. He said different mafias were collecting extortion money equal to the revenue which the city gives to the government. He said a large number of illegal foreign nationals were staying in the country while the criminals were keeping the most modern weapons which is not available with the army that is fighting terrorists in North Waziristan.

Shahi Syed said Karachi is the only city where target killing of police personnel has become a daily routine. He said while there is majority of Urdu speaking, it is birth place of Sindhis and Balochis and centre of Punjabi businessmen. He said Karachi is providing refuge to the biggest population of Pakhtoon. He proposed for the launching of a clean up operation in the city to rid it of arms, land and drug mafias, extortionists and target killers.

The ANP Senator also proposed formation of peace committees at Police Station level with representation from all parties, sects and pro0minent citizens, population and housing census under the supervision of army and holding of next local government and general elections through biometric system.

The letter by Syed Syed also demanded to make public names of accused arrested in the operation so that their association with political parties could be known.

The letter also requested the media to give due importance to the situation in economic hub of the country as it has done to the sit ins in Red Zone over the last two months. He said this would enable to expose those responsible for lawlessness in the city.

When the Additional Secretary Interior was asked about his view point, he said that an operation is already in progress. He however suggested another meeting of the committee so that he is able to give a proper response.

On a proposal by Shahi Syed, the Chairman gave his consent for next meeting of the committee in Karachi.


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