Scores of villages swept away by floodwater

Lahore floodMULTAN: The floodwater from the breach of Shershah protective dyke running towards Shujaabad and submerged several villages including Naseerwala and Khanpur Qazia, on Saturday.

A vast area of Multan region came under the flood water after the authorities blew up parts of protective dykes of River Chenab to save Multan city.

Athara Hazari and Shershah protective dykes were blown up on Friday to divert the floodwater from the city. Gushing floodwater from the breaches has drowned 126 villages, affecting around 275,000 people.

Floodwater has swept away Basti Ghagra Kachor, Hassan Bakhsh, Naseerwala Chowk, Khanpur Qazia and scores of other villages. The affected people were moving to safer places.

Multan-Muzaffargarh highway has submerged in floodwater causing hardships for the people moving to safer places from the flood-hit region.

Local people plugged a breach in embankment at Samandwana point.

The officials monitoring the floodwater pressure at key points of Shershah dyke.

Upstream, floodwater was still rushing into Athara Hazari and Ahmadpur Sial towns from the breach made at Athara Hazari on Wednesday to protect Jhang.

According to Flood Forecasting Division (FFD) River Chenab was in high flood at Trimmu, but water level was going down at the headworks. The discharge at the point was 433,857 cusecs and the flood body was expected it to recede to 250,000 cusecs in 24 hours.

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