SCBAP summons emergent meeting to discuss political situation

ISLAMABAD (INP): Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) has called an emergent meeting of the Executive Body tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss the prevailing political scenario.

A press release by the Association here Tuesday said it is disturbed by the fact that mobs can rule over democratic dispensation and dictate terms for the future of the country bypassing the collective will and wisdom of the people of Pakistan.

The release said SCBAP fully supports freedom of association and expression but this should not be abused to undermine other fundamental rights by paralyzing the country. The SCBAP pointed out that it played a pivotal role in upholding rule of law and in bringing back democratic transition.

“An independent judiciary is a guarantor for upholding these norms and the SCBAP hopes that this institution will remain neutral, impartial and depoliticized. It will not stand by to see any intervention in this respect” the press release added.

At the same time the SCBAP called upon the government to follow democratic traditions and adopt the politics of accommodation. It regretted that the government acted in a rash manner and SCBAP wholeheartedly condemned e killings at Model Town, Lahore. It apprehended that further loss of life may deteriorate the political climate and put the lives of innocent people at risk, while their leaders continue to squabble over power sharing.


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