Saving Islamabad forgetting the nation

Atif Iqbal


Free Lance journalist


Amongst the greatest paradoxes of Pakistan, sit-ins lead by PAT and PTI has been recorded in the history of this nation. Coming closer to a month there is still great speculations and still no confirmed solutions to the political hijack by the political leaders. The nation as usually suffers the great floods of the season. India being unable to learn new tricks opened their spillways to further increase the floods’ potential to destruction. People are dying again, this habit of anticipating the catastrophes and then asking for funds to reconstruct the destroyed areas is becoming a cliché. Once again the people of Pakistan will have to wait for the rescue from the few organizations that actually care.

The fact that people of Pakistan are left on their own to survive such devastating calamities, the purpose of the whole democracy and government does not suffice. The largest rescue mission being conducted for the safety of the people is being overlooked by Pakistan Armed Forces and the locals of that region. Now there are movements of the politically affiliated personalities amongst numerous NGOs. However the temporary unity will disperse eventually unless there is another such calamity. This seems to be one of the priority issues for the underdevelopments of Pakistan. Any machinery needs even the smallest of the parts to do their part in the grand schematics of the evolution.

Fight for the personal agendas has made different directions for this nation, this particular problem has made developments very slow if not restricted. The strategic planning of a nation requires years of future plans which might take generations to achieve. Our generation is still confused on which way to go. The destructions that are faced by the people of Pakistan every year must have a permanent solution. It seems like everyone wants to save Islamabad but completely forgetting the nation. It is almost saddening that we lose our people every year. As the time will pass it is beyond any doubt true that the situations will get worse and worse. Time is being utilized to settle the turn to rule, it is diminishing the Pakistan as we know it.

The needs for the efforts that will be made solely for the betterment of this nation are a necessity than a luxury. This comprehensive approach will be the up gradation of every individual living in Pakistan. Thus, it will suffice the need for the protection of the people as well as safeguard the mandate and performance of the policy makers. As the time passes it seems like our country gets behind in the line to become sovereign for the times to come.

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