Sanders’ candidacy worries Trump

January 29, 2019

Several American forecasters think that Bernie Sanders, the old American senator, and one of Democratic nominees for the 2016 presidential election, could be a serious competitor for Trump in the forthcoming presidential election. Three years after fighting an amazingly competitive Democratic primary race against Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders is making another run for the White House. He continues to oppose U.S. President Donald Trump. This confrontation started at the time Trump entered the White House. Sanders’s recent position against Trump has led to the U.S. President’s concerns. Sen. Bernie Sanders says it would be an impeachable offense if President Trump were to fire Robert Mueller the special counsel leading the federal probe into ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia. “I’ve been very reluctant to talk about impeachment until we have all the information coming in from the investigation. But that would be a major, major, major obstruction of justice. That would be an impeachable offense in my view,” Sanders said in an interview for The Intercept’s newly launched podcast Deconstructed. Trump has long voiced frustration with the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential race, a probe that has also looked at whether Trump tried to obstruct the investigation. Anyhow, Bernie Sanders does not intend to just surrender to Donald Trump. The point is, according to polls conducted in 2016, Sanders had a much greater chance of winning the U.S. presidential elections. Numerous Democratic voters believed that Sanders could have a significant role in regulating power in America as a sign of change in the United States.  Though such an idea was wrong owing to the political structure in the U.S., it was, nevertheless, strongly accepted by some Democrat backers. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate who was supported by her husband, Bill Clinton, and various influential figures in the party, managed to defeat Sanders with her secret lobbies, and went to fight Trump as Democrats’ final candidate. Anyway, if Sanders were to reach the final round of the 2016 presidential competitions, he could have defeated Trump and enter the White House. Sanders, however, was the target of Democrat leaders and Hillary Clinton’s secret lobbies. It was not without a reason that several Sanders advocates voted for Hillary Clinton’s rival, Donald Trump. Sanders now considers himself the United States’ potential president. Some experts in the United States note that Sanders’s opposition to Donald Trump and the White House policies have paved the way for his re-appearance in the upcoming presidential election. If Sanders can defeat Joe Biden in Democrat elections, he will have a great chance to defeat Trump, a fact which worries the president of the United States very much.

Sanders’s opposition to Donald Trump and the White House policies have paved the way for his re-appearance in the upcoming presidential election.


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