S.K. Niazi predicts when the next elections will be held

November 7, 2019

Says Fazl ur Rehman has emerged as a national leader, Unified all sects

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ISLAMABAD: Editor in Chief Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Chairman Roze News Sardar Khan Niazi predicted that next elections are likely to be held in about two years, he also said that though Maulana Fazl ur Rehman’s demand to ask for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s resignation was not constitutional but still he executed a successful sit-in by gathering huge number of people from across the parties.

In an exclusive interview with renowned journalist Zia Shahid on Channel 5’s TV show ‘Mukalma’, S.K. Niazi said that “I think that Maulana has achieved what he wanted to achieve, he wanted to do a ‘power show’, depicting that he has a large number of followers and he was successful in it”. He added, “It was a success for Maulana, despite his less seats in the Parliament he led the protest and overshadowed leaders of other major opposition parties”. He also said that Maulana has been successful in providing a unified platform to members from all sects and as a consequence Maulana Fazalur Rehman has emerged as a national leader and this is a successful outcome for Fazl ur Rehman from this sit-in.

S.K. Niazi  said that he believes due to JUI-F sit-in Kashmir issue has been affected in such a manner that before the sit-in focus of media and government was on highlighting Kashmir issue but now all the focus has been shifted to the sit-in. Answering another question, S.K. Niazi said that it would have been better if Fazl ur Rehman had opted to stay with protestors instead of going to his home at night during the sit-in, the only justification he can give in this matter is that there were some serious security threats to stay at the venue of sit-in.    

“Inflation is at an all time high and people of Pakistan are losing hope in the PTI government”, said S.K. Niazi. “The government must improve the economic conditions and the sooner the better for them” he added. While answering a question on the role of Army, S.K. Niazi said that elections cannot be held without army’s support, and Army has always responded to the call of governments whenever they were needed. No need to drag Army into any conspiracies.

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