Rush for Armageddon

April 28, 2018

By Imran Ahmed Siddiqui

Wherever Americans go they bring a window of advancement for the country along with their allies of Western Europe who rush to maintain the American momentum. But, they are very candid by saying with their actions that where lies your upper limits. They will never allow a country to take off above that limit. They are not bothered for the bottom line, rather they will push to give you impetus while dwindling towards slope, if they have achieved their interests. They are very callous here as they did in Iraq and are doing in Syria.

North Koreans are going to meet Trump with a clear agenda of stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons. If the North Koreans show slightest alacrity in this direction, US and her allies will pump in the modern comforts and bring them so ahead that North Koreans will become docile. Exactly they want. Simultaneously, EHM will be injected with attractive loans of IMF and World Bank for progress. There will be no one to challenge Japan their most trusted eastern ally. Once an underdog Vietnam, who was being supported by China; wiped out Americans from the peninsula, later became an enemy of China and today hardly anyone knows about Vietnam and his heroes like Giap and Ho Chi Minh. At least present generation knows nothing about them. Americans are adored and remembered.

Who knows if they reach to a honorable settlement, Trump will not back out as they did with Iran. What Obama agreed they have easily got out and have given a deadline to revoke the same. Trump is still living in Cold War era and trying to become Truman. He is not realizing it is not the aftermath of World War II. Things are changed. It was a broken world and Soviet Union was a potent threat to free world. Stalin with his victory has clearly asked a place in oil rich eastern Iran and Strait of Dardanelles from ailing Turkey for his ships as international waters. At the same time he was supporting rebellion in Greece.  Truman who had thrown atom bombs on Japan was confronting an aggressive Stalin and war torn Europe. He checked the Soviet Union with equal posture and gave Marshall Plan to Europe so that they come up and stands on their feet. This was scenario for the start of cold war.

Today it is not there. All the countries are free and independent, but neo-cons are all out to contain China at all cost. US presence is from Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Gulf States, Iraq and playing in Syria. He is showing aggressive posture in South China Sea along with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and Australia and has collected and concentrated its Naval might there, not realizing that today’s China is a formidable nuclear power, industrial might and unlike the days of 1950s she is the permanent member Security Council. In World War II there was a sole nuclear power, but today there are seven declared nuclear states with atomic weapons and undeclared are another dozen.

They have developed a habit to watch the world through their own lenses of morality and wisdom. Now they are far away to see the sufferings of Kashmiris. They have forgotten what they promised to us in the mid of 20th century. They were so fast to appoint their Admiral Nimitz to supervise plebiscite in Kashmir. They wanted us to join SEATO and CENTO. Now they want India as their strategic partner. This is no politics or geo-politics where a super power is not honoring its commitments which its predecessor signed as in the case of Iran. This is a very dangerous sign in international relations in maintaining peace in the world.

United States, Israel and their Western Allies are in hurry to fight the Armageddon quickly and that too  away from their borders as per their Holy Scriptures. This is the reason Pakistan is that fall guy who is coming in their way. They had been moving slowly since centuries and now they feel that the efforts of their forefathers are bringing fruits. They have sorted out the Muslim World and have put them in complete disarray. After North Korea, there will be no one outside the fold Muslim World to stand up against them. Russia and China are there but Russia can be brought with them through back door understanding. There left only China and Pakistan and they have cleverly tightened Pakistan economically through their Economic Hit-men. So, stage is set and we will wait for the ‘big slip’ which they don’t know which can occur between cup and lips. They have moved Modi for this purpose to contain Pakistan at all cost and God forbids if Armageddon occurs Modi will erase Hindutwa in the process. All depends how efficient political leadership emerges after the coming general elections.

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