Rule of law, patience hold the key to political impasse


PTI Chairman Imran Khan Tuesday urged the judiciary and Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Nasirul Mulk to safeguard fundamental rights of ordinary Pakistanis and the democracy. Imran Khan has said that a path to bloody revolution will open if the people deprived of justice. He called upon Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the police crackdown on peaceful protesters.The confrontation between the government and PTI that started with the later ‘s demand of recounting of votes in four constituencies claiming that the results were changed, has now entered in to 36-day with no solution insight. The clashes between police and PTI as PAT activists and supporters that erupted when protesting parties’ leaders tried to move in front of Prime Minister House continued till todate. PAT Chief produced dozen of party activists before media who were severely injured when police resorted to firing teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the protestors. It was really hear-wrenching scene as most of the PAT workers showed fracture bones, bullet marks and other wounds they received due to use of intense teargas, firing of rubber bullets and baton charge by the police. PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri was told by the activists that they hospital administration did not treat them properly as the doctors only removed one or two bullets and refused to extract the rest from their bodies. The cycle of violence continued unabated. The situation is getting worst with each passing day as both sides are leveling all sorts of allegations; some of them are of very serious nature and needs to be tackle with utmost care. Both the leaders of protesting parties have flatly refused to hold dialogues with the government. The Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) actitivists, supporters were compelled to organize sit-ins as there demands were not fulfilled by the government. No doubt Model Town incident is a national tragedy and the culprits must be awarded exemplary punishment, but ironically, the ruling party turned blind eyes which prompted Dr Qadri to take to the streets. Same was the case of Pakistan Tehrik insaf (PTI). The PAT and PTI leaders, activists, supporters did not caused any damages to the national or private property until the day when they were stopped by the heavily armed police, FC contingents from moving towards PM House. Due to timely intervention of some of the parliamentary parties’ leaders, dialogue process was initiated but despite holding 13 rounds of talks, the situation remained unsolved. After getting frustrated by the cold response on the part of government, the PAT activists started wearing coffin, digging graves but remained peaceful. Now the PTI activists have too started making trenches to payback the police in the same coin if attacked. The cases have been lodged by the government and protesting parties while each side accusing the other for taking law in to their hands.

PTI has registered an FIR against the PM, Ch Nisar Ali Khan and some ministers against the killing, wounding PTI, PAT workers by using lethal force. While the government has also registered various cases against both the protesting parties leaders as well activists and supporters for delivering provocative speeches, attacking parliament, PTV building, wounding , kidnapping law enforcement agencies personnel etc. Efforts are still on the part of political jirga to bring all the stakeholders to table emphsising that issues must be resolved in peaceful manner acceptable to all.

Political observer who are watching the entire situation, fear that country is heading towards civil war as now the protesting parties leaders and activists are flexing muscles to deal with the police if it opted use of force again. While the PAT and PTI leaders have made it clear to all and sundry that their activists are being pushed against the wall and if government tried to use force to disperse them they would not be able to hold their enraged activists. The judiciary’s help is being sought by the PTI chief to put an end to what he termed ‘state terrorism’ to avert any untoward incident.

It is a good omen that PTI chief Imran Khan has finally sought the judges of the Supreme Court’ help by approaching the judiciary to fulfill its constitutional role to safeguard the democracy. The government which earlier demonstrated patience and showed flexibility must not opt for using force any more as it could turned ugly. The situation demands from each and every peace loving people to work jointly to defuse the tension. The danger on our eastern border and western borders is looming as both Kabul and New Dehi are continuously leveling false allegations against our armed forces which is busy in operation Zarb Azab and flood relief, rescue activities. Keeping in view the above-mentioned facts and the devastation caused by the floods, there is a dire need to forge unity in our rank for the sake of country’s integrity, solidarity.



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