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There seems no let up in the ongoing political confrontation as neither the government nor the protesting parties are ready to show flexibility in order to resolve the issue. The Supreme Court observed Wednesday that workers of political parties bearing batons are scanning the government officials, lawyers and common people on the constitution avenue. The apex court has directed for consultation among the protesting parties, petitioner, Attorney General and the Registrar of the apex court to vacate the Constitution Avenue by Thursday.

The final round of dialogue between the government and PTI has ended without any result as the later has clearly conveyed the government that talks can not make headway unless the PM’ resignation. The same message was conveyed to the PML-N in loud and clear words by the PTI Chief Imran Khan that he has lost his trust and would not leave the venue till the ouster of the Nawaz Sharif. While government team claimed that it has accepted almost all demands of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf which are in fact part of PML-N’s manifesto and has expressed readiness to show flexibility while dealing Tahirul Qadir to resolve the issue of registering FIR of Model Town tragedy according to law of land or principal of Sharia.

Tahirul Qadir has been requested to give his reforms package to the government so that it could present it before the parliament for legislation as all political parties stand for the welfare and wellbeing of the people and the country.The government has also appealed both the leaders to withdraw their deadlines, avoid any violence and let the dialogue move forward for an amicable resolution. In th same time Khawja Saad Rafique also made it clear that no one can compel the government to accept his demands by force.

Hectic efforts are being made by the government to convince PAT chief Dr Tahurul Qadri to withdraw the deadline. There were reports that government has come up with new formula that included the resignation of Chief Minister, Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif and registration of FIR with regard to Model Town tragedy. The PAT lawyer who went to concerned police station in Lahore for lodging FIR in the light of LHC’s verdict, after waiting for hours failed to register the same as the police officials were not present in the said police station. This is a move that can also bring an end to direct dialogue between the government and the PAT. Dressed in Coffin, the charged activists of the PAT are anxiously waiting for their leader’s order to make any move.

The government team that included Ishaq Dar, Zahid Hamid held crucial talks with the PAT chief in his container and assured him that government sincerely wanted to resolve the stand-off peacefully. They assured PAT chief that government would not approach intro- court to file appeal against the LHC’s verdict and if deemed necessary the CM Punjab would appear before the team investigating Model Town carnage. But the PAT chief showed no leniency in his demands and told the government team that he would not withdraw the deadline call unless until the government accept two major demands i.e lodging an FIR, arrest of PM, CM and twenty others, dissolution of assemblies. Though the government team sought more time arguing that they don’t have mandate to accept the very demand and would approach again after briefing the Prime Minister, but there seems no breakthrough. It was evident from the address of the PAT right after the government team left the container as he remained firmed not giving anymore chances to the incumbent government. PAT chief keeps calling masses to come out of their houses claiming that he would not rest until his demands are met. He is keep pressing hard the government to register an FIR against the PM, CM and others and produce a copy of same to him within hours otherwise he would have no option but to move further. The situation has become extremely dangerous. The policemen have been mobilized to deal with any untoward incident while excursing maximum restraint and not to resort to baton charge or firing rubble bullets without the duty magistrate orders.

While the opposition parties in national assembly standing with the Prime Minister and urging both the protesting parties that they should wait and if any organised rigging is proven by the proposed Judicial Commission in 2013 general elections, the government including the Prime Minister will have no moral justification to continue in their offices. While JI supporting PAT’s demand for registration of FIR, it is being feared that a showdown now seems inevitable. The government has to show more flexibility by accepting the genuine demands to avoid any interference of anti democratic forces that are bent to derail the system.






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