Roundtable on “Deterrence Stability in South Asia: A U.S. Perspective” held

 ISLAMABAD, 18 OCT (DNA): A roundtable discussion on “Deterrence Stability in South Asia: A U.S. Perspective,” was held at the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS) on Saturday.

It was chaired by Lt. General (R) Syed M. Owais and was well attended by prominent defence experts, academics, and practitioners, journalists, and CPGS team and university students.

The keynote speaker of the roundtable was Dr. Peter R. Lavoy, Former U.S. Acting Assistance Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs. The discussion revolved around Pakistan and India’s military asymmetry in South Asia, U.S.’s engagement in South Asia post 2014 and the Indian threat which Pakistan is facing today in the form of ongoing border skirmishes as a tougher and hawkish Modi regime sits in India.

It was recommended by the participants that Pakistan should more confidently present its own point of view and counter the misperceptions made by the people in West more effectively. Pakistan and the US’s interests are interlinked but Pakistan cannot ignore its own defense compulsions.

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