Road Safety

December 16, 2016

Pakistan is a country which has laws for everything. But law enforcement is the thing, in which Pakistan lacks behind. People themselves don’t bother about safety and on the other side the law enforcers also don’t do their work in making people obey the rules.

In Pakistan the most common way of travelling is on bikes as there is no good public transportation. But people don’t take safety measures. On every other bike, there are no indicators, rear light or sometimes no headlights. But people ride their bikes without these things which makes it very difficult for other drivers to see them. Many accidents occur because of this but no one takes responsibility neither the people nor the law enforcers.

So I would like to request the government of Pakistan to take a serious action on this problem by implementing the laws through effective strategies such as charging people with fines over neglecting laws.

Mohammad Arsalan Ahmed

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