Revolution becomes entertainment for Islamabad

Atif Iqbal


Ten days of ultimate political awareness, deadlock and the movement for gaining a new Pakistan is at hand. The residents of Islamabad are taking part in the revolution as an entertainment plus protest. Many people believe that Islamabad is a very boring city. However, the revolutionary marches have given the people a new way to pass their time. Some people are quoting the movement as musical nights and part time protests. Different views of the people are confusing the basic reason of the movements. It must be carefully reasoned that is the march really moving towards something non serious.

There is no doubt that the cause for the revolution march and the freedom march has the gravest reasons behind their actual practicality. The conduction of the marches is perhaps the last resort for the people that have no confidence in the existing political system. The demands of the marchers are also very direct and seem apolitical by the government. Government must realize that the time for being indifferent has long past. For now the entertainment is manageable by everyone, when it turns into a catastrophe no one knows.

The time shifts at a constant rate and no one can predict its outcome to a hundred percent authenticity. History is proof that all things end with time. These protests have a very dangerous and realistic approach for the stakes of the people of Pakistan. Credit goes to the leaders of the marchers that everyone still remains peaceful. Still no one can hold indefinitely, things are bound to change their course of action. The point of debate should be that is the government waiting for something that special that they are allowing the operations of the capital of Pakistan to get delayed with no certain deadline.

May it be entertainment or protest, it is happening for the betterment of this nation. Certainty of the outcome may be a paradox for the political analysts. People of Pakistan and especially Islamabad are looking forward for the biggest change in the past few decades. Now, strategically this change can be from the government or the opposition or the people of Pakistan themselves. Remaining at the edge of the nail biting situation, something needs to be done by the government as soon as possible. If not, things will indeed get ugly for everyone. Entertainment may be the word used as understating the social change present at hand.





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