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Respecting the Dignity of institutions

The debate is still not over; rather it is taking a new shape with each passing day. One thing is clear, that institutions must be respected and every responsible citizen of the state must avoid bringing a rift between the honorable institutions and the masses. After the affidavit episode of the former GB Justice, the judiciary of the country is under discussion throughout the media and among the general masses.

In the hearing of the contempt case on Tuesday, the former justice seemed not clear about the whole thing happening for the last few days and he did not even respond to the questions of the media outside the courtroom. The hearing has raised many questions in the minds of people who are concerned about the image and dignity of the judiciary being the important pillar of the state. Even the incumbent government has expressed doubts about the statements of the justice in front of the panel.

During the hearing on the matter today, Shamim told the court he had not yet examined the affidavit attributed to him. When asked whether he had given it to a newspaper, the former judge had responded, “My affidavit is sealed in a locker in the UK. I don’t know how it was leaked.”

Terming the development “surprising“, Fawad said if the affidavit was in a locker, how it reached the newspaper that initially reported it.

“It seems that the affidavit reached the newspaper through Nawaz Sharif,” he commented.” A campaign has been launched against the judiciary and armed forces and we hope that the court would take the matter to its logical conclusion.”

Moreover, many senior politicians, media persons, and people from other segments of society have also questioned the authenticity, timing, and claims made by the political party which is using persons from the judiciary against their own parent institution. The matter which is more concerning is that the political party which thinks the leaks either its Arshad Malik video scandal or Saqib Nisar’s alleged audio, are not ready to take those leaks as evidence to the court, and instead the case is being run in media which is causing damage to the image of the judiciary.

Considering this whole context, we need to deliberate on two important things. Firstly, the judiciary must dispose of this case at its earliest so that the confusion arising in the minds of common people will get addressed. And also, this will develop a sense of fear and responsibility in the minds of both politicians and retired judges, to not malign the state institutions for personnel gains. Secondly, and very importantly, every political party must understand that usage of these kinds of bad tactics to defend themselves or malign others will cause damage to their own credibility.

Eventually, every responsible citizen must respect the dignity of important state institutions taking the political differences aside. Yes, if there is any sort of doubt, a legal way must be utilized to address that particular issue. But the respect of institutions is a must to protect the sovereignty of the state.

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