Resignation of Governor Punjab

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar stepped down from his position as Governor Punjab on Thursday, citing inability to deal with broader challenges.

While addressing a press conference he said that he wants to witness a democracy in this country where son of a common man can get the same opportunities and rights as the elite’s son. He also said that he rendered the resignation after listening to his inner voice and not under any pressure.

He bashed the government for its failure at the diplomatic front. He said that Washington should have treated the Islamabad on equal terms as US has treated India. He said that US President Obama visited India and signed all important civil nuclear deal with it that also include some conditions against the international laws but he ignored to visit Pakistan and show solidarity with Pakistanis, a nation that has been US ally in war against terror, he termed it a diplomatic failure of Pakistan. The governor had said Washington should have given equal importance to New Delhi and Islamabad while making its policies for the region.

He said that political parties have failed to provide security to the masses particularly to the minorities, basic healthcare and education facilities. Sarwar severely criticised the civil bureaucracy, said its enjoying each and every perk and privilege in the country but had contributed nothing to the nation development in the last 68 years.

It seems that bashing the failure of the foreign policy of the government became the reason for his resignation. Whatever the hidden facts are behind his resignation, he has set a unique example for other politicians. In all civilized nations politicians step down if they are unable to deliver but in our society it seems a rare commodity.  These are the serious allegations and reservations presented by him, high-ups of the government must come forward and clear the air.

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