Remembering National Heroes

September 6, 2018

Lt Gen Retd Amjad Shoaib) We are celebrating defence of Pakistan day in remembering of the event of 6th September 1965, when India invaded Pakistan and their Chief of Army Staff hoped to capture Lahore and expressed his intentions of having the breakfast next day in Lahore Jymkhana Club.

It was the resolve and courage of Pakistan Army and the people of Pakistan that we were successful in not only defeating the evil design of our enemy but also inflicted such heavy casualties of men and material which finally resulted into compressive defeat.

Today we express our soul gratitude of Allah Almighty for his blessing in form of Pakistan and express for resolve to defend the motherland in the same manner as we did in 1965. Since then Pakistan Army, Air force and Navy are gone all-out to modernize weapon and equipment and we are much better prepared to teach a lesson to enemies of Pakistan.

On this day we are also celebrating 6th September the Martyrs day. The nation is proud of scarifies of its Shuhadas and immensely grateful for wherever they did for the nation, with soul objectives of keeping Pakistan a free country where their brethren can live an honorable life.  These Shuhada have left their families and children but we must realize that looking after of their families is our responsibility.

We must reach out to them and assure them that this nation will never forget their love ones and would like to stand with them under all circumstances.

They must be made to realize that their problems are our problems and take it upon ourselves to take all such measures which can make their life easy.

We pray for all our Martyrs may Allah Almighty accept their supreme scarifies and bless them with highest place in Jannat-ul-firdoos.

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