Reconciliation to secure democracy

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that the government is ready to deal with any situation which may emerge during PTI’s plan to hold a massive rally in Islamabad on November 30.  He said if PTI wants to hold a peaceful rally, the government will not create any hurdle, but if it intends to create chaos, security personnel are ready to deal with it. Nisar said that the government will facilitate the peaceful political gathering as already being done but lawlessness would not be tolerated. On the other side,

Imran Khan while responding to the press conference of interior minister directed his party’s leaders, office bearers and workers to bring as many people as they could to Islamabad on Nov 30. He also said that if the hurdles would be placed to stop the people to participate in the rally and if any infamous incident took place the government would be responsible for it. He said that its the basic right given by the constitution to the people of the country to hold peaceful protests and until today all the protests of PTI remained peaceful. Its been over three months but still deadlock of PTI and PML N still exists but both the parties must understand that there is dire need to cool down the situation otherwise the democracy would be in danger.



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