Reckless coach drivers

December 2, 2016


Since the world is expanding, people had to travel from one place to another due to multiple reasons. Not everyone can afford Trains or Airplanes; however the Coaches are pretty famous these days in our country. These are affordable and an economical mean. You can easily get a ticket on the spot. Therefore, people also now prefer to go on these Coaches instead of spending great amount of money on other means of transport.

But the issue is that the drivers, driving these Coaches are always trying to save their time and reach their destination as soon as possible. Without realizing that they are putting their life as well as the lives of the passengers and other people travelling on the same route in danger. They drive minimum at the speed of 120 and never miss a change to over-take others despite of knowing the fact that their vehicle is really heavy.

There have been many bus crashes lately in Pakistan, that mostly because of the carelessness of these drivers, who think of themselves as experts and risk their lives along hundred other lives.  At least one accident in a week takes place.

However, government as well as the locals of the country should take a serious notice and the motorway and highway police should keep strict eyes on these kinds of drivers to prevent any calamity. Also, the passengers must be watchful because nothing is precious than a live and lives of our beloved ones.

Mariam Mehboob