Reality check of the print media

Just another day, it was shocking to read a very abusive title of an article that was highlighted and almost impossible to miss. The article was in an English daily newspaper and in its entertainment section. With having a title of “what a —– joke” by a random celebrity, it was very hurtful to see that still media practitioners lack the common norms that is read in our primary education. Having the opportunity to create a public opinion comes with responsibility. The respective authorities need to identify and provide decent solutions regarding such unethical attitude in the form of abusive language.

Rather than condemning or avoiding such rude language, the daily paper used it as a tool to increase its readers’ attention. It was expected that how many children would have read that article or the headline for the least. It may seem like a minor misunderstanding of the conception of the readers. It cannot be ignored that print media can allow the children to read such abusive words anywhere. The scary part is that these words get in the nationwide newspapers.

Perhaps people might disagree, but it must be kept in mind that even the international rules for viewer discretion will not allow such abusive language to children. It is Pakistanis who can teach perseverance, sacrifice, loyalty and fierce following of their social and religious guidelines to the world. Than why can any newspaper depict the wrongs of other’s in their platform? Was it just for getting interest of the readers? It seems no more than a cheap trick to get attention. The urge to create a better nation where people are proud to follow their traditions is what Pakistan stands for. The basics of the journalism aesthetics would not allow such careless or planned negative usage of the newspapers.

Simple mistakes can take this nation to depths of social imbalance and unethical attitudes in the society. It was very difficult to get here and is bound on the media of Pakistan that they follow their responsibilities for the sole purpose to better this nation for others to follow.



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