Real issues need to be tackled with utmost care

The country is faced with multiple challenges that can only be resolved by forging unity among the ranks of all the political, religious, civil society and other segments of society. The floods playing havoc in the Punjab province and being feared that it would also hit Sindh in days to come. Heavy rains and water released by India in Chenab River have flooded Sialkot, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Hafizabad and other areas.Over 200 people including women, children and elderly people lost their lives in separate mishaps caused by the torrential rains and floods while nearly 500 people remained missing. Flood emergency has been declared by the Punjab government in the province as the flood has caused massive destructions. 36 villages in Gujrat have been submerged, thousands of people have been made homeless and crops over thousands of acres of land have been destroyed: Water has entered in more than 200 villages of Hafizabad and Mandi Bahauddin and four were washed away by the gushing water. More than two lac people have been badly affected by the floods.The temporary bund constructed at Head Khanki for the construction of new barrage has been broken to save more villages from coming under water. There are reports that the floodwater might entered into other cities.

On one side armed forces are busy in flushing out the terrorists from NWA with firm resolve to continue Zarb Azab till the elimination of the terrorists from country’s soil while on the other side Pakistan army has started relief and rescue operation in the flood-hit areas and so far successfully shifted three thousand people to a safer places. Three army men also lost their lives while saving the other people’s lives.

The issue of internally displaced people ( IDPs) is also being dealt by the Pakistan army as these people are also facing hardship and are deserve help. The extremism, terrorism had badly damaged the country’s economy as over 10 lac IDPs are totally depending on the government to live with dignity. These people have left their homes and stood shoulder to shoulder by the armed forces to make the region a safer and better place to live. This time is a real test of the IDPs as wells as the nation to promote peace and forge unity by ending hatred under the prevalent circumstances..

Masses had been passing through an ordeal for the last many days and the apathy of the agitating parties and some seasonal politicians was most unfortunate and indeed unforgiving at a time when the country is passing through very crucial time. Anti state and anti democratic forces are once again out there to create anarchy , causing damages to already shamble economy and fanning hatred among masses to destablise the country. It is evident from the facts that the target killers have started their brutal campaign. The killing of Allama Abbas Kumeli’s son, other innocent people in Karachi and the murders of three journalists in Quetta seem to be part of conspiracies against the state. Rangers have been given extra powers and assisting police in maintaining law and order but despite the arrest of some target killers, the bloodshed continue unabated while the most of the killers remain at large. Sindh and the Balochistan governments had announced the formation of a judicial commission few months ago, but to no avail.

The ongoing political confrontation between the protesting parties and the government continued. Opposition had formed political jirga to resolve the issue peacefully but the protesting parties are not ready to end deadlock unless the resignation of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister Punjab. While the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who now enjoyed fully support of the parliamentary parties, had announced that he would not resign at any cost. The crisis has once again reached at peak. The Pakistan Tehrik Insaf has now decided to approach Supreme Court seeking disqualification of the Prime Minister who according to Imran Khan lied on the floor of assembly arguing that he has violated article 62, 63.

The government is strongly condemning the PTI and PAT leaders for damaging the country’s economy. Both the protesting parties are being blamed for the cancellation of Chinese President’s historical visit The postponement of Chinese President visit have put the country in a tight corner of isolation,. Keeping the national interest supreme, the protesting parties and the government have to find a solution soon otherwise it would have adverse affect on national ecnomony and would make the masses suffer the most. It is need of hour to shun the politics of confrontation as the constitution and democracy are very much at stake now.

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