Real Indian mind-set

A complete genocide of the people in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) in utter defiance of international human rights laws continues. Since the beginning of the uprising in July last year, when the killing of a young leader Burhan Wani, sparked uprising across the Kashmir valley, India has responded with singular ruthlessness, killing hundreds of people. Most shocking of all has been the breaking up of demonstrations with non-lethal pellet ammunition, which blinded hundreds of Kashmiri civilians.  Just in four months, 17,000 adults and children were injured, nearly five thousand arrested, and an entire population spent the summer under the longest curfew in the history of curfews in the valley. All this has been quickly forgotten in a few months’ time. Shockingly, hundreds of people, most of them young, were shot in the face with the pump-action pellet guns that the Indian forces routinely use to suppress protests. These weapons discharge hundreds of small metal pellets, or birdshot, capable of piercing the eye. As the uprising continued, the armed forces, by their own admission, fired nearly 4,000 cartridges at stone-throwing demonstrators, crowds protesting against police brutality, and even onlookers. This means that they sent, by one estimate, 1.3m metal balls hurtling towards public gatherings predominantly made up of young unarmed people. Children as young as four and five had multiple pellets in their retinas, blinding them partially, or fully, for life. This was an unprecedented expression of violence by the Indian forces. There is no other recorded instance of a modern democracy systematically and deliberately shooting at people to blind them. At the end of August, according to data obtained by one of India’s national newspapers, nearly 6,000 civilians were injured, and at least 972 of them had suffered injuries to their eyes. At the start of September, doctors at Kashmir’s main hospital reported that on average, one person had their eyes ruptured by pellets every other hour since 9 July. In October, Prime Minister Imran Khan denouncing rise in atrocities called on India to solve the decades-old conflict through dialogue and according to the wishes of Kashmiris. November unveiled the real Indian mind-set, when General Bipin Rawat threatened that Kashmiris should stay ready to bear harms caused by Indian drone attacks, adding, the strikes may go even beyond the Line of Control (LoC). Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule nothing has changed in the India’s response to the demand for self-determination from the people of Kashmir. During December 2018, the consistency of Indian barbarism in Indian Occupied valley remained unchanged despite peaceful candle light demonstrations of innocent Kashmiris in the wake of Human Rights Week in IOK. On the advent of New Year, we wish Kashmiris fulfillment of all their dreams.

The consistency of Indian barbarism in Indian Occupied valley remained unchanged despite peaceful candle light demonstrations of innocent Kashmiris.

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