RAW’s sinister designs exposed: RAW hires terrorists to orchestrate a terror attack inside India

rawSpecial Report

Another brutal and inhuman face of the Indian (Research and Analysis Wing) RAW is exposed. Not happy with the current thaw in the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan, India is perturbed over the new political dispensation in Afghanistan. Contrary to her expectations where India could gain while clandestinely proving Pakistan a bad boy. RAW has reportedly hatched a sinister plan to orchestrate a drama of a large scale attack at some sensitive location in India, their own country, showing it to be done by Pakistan / ISI. As India is addicted to malign Pakistan in furtherance of her notorious designs in the region, this time its RAW is at its worst proving itself a true follower of Chankia gee. According to reliable sources, RAW is using RAW recruited, trained and bred reservoir of hired terrorists. For this planned activity RAW has hired services of few notorious media channels. This plan is expected to be executed anytime soon.
It is also worth mentioning here that RAW is now under direct control of Indian Prime Minister Modi. Chief of the RAW is designated Secretary in the Modi’s Cabinet Secretariat which is a part of the Indian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). RAW has expanded its budget to Indian Rs. 1500 crore, alternately estimated at 145 million US dollars. As indicated in a report by Federation of American scientists ‘as many as 35,000 RAW agents has entered in Pakistan, with 12,000 working in Sindh, 10,000 in Punjab, 8,000 in KPK and 5000 in Balochistan.

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