Rawalpindities celebrate kite flying festival ‘Basant’ despite ban

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RAWALPINDI: District government failed in imposing ban on kite flying yet police succeeded in catching hundreds of kite flyers and recovered kites, twines, weapons and sound systems from them.

According to details, people in Rawalpindi celebrated kite flying festival ‘basant’ on Friday. On the other hand, the youngsters as well as adults along with families kept busy in flying kites in several areas including Tench Bhatta, Aadra, Dispensary Ground, Iqbal Colony, Purana Muhala, Westridge, Pirwadhai, Pesahwar Road, Dheri Hassanabad, Lal Kurti, Tulsa, Saddar, Boring Road, Saddar, Kashmir Road, Katcheri, Morgah, Adyala Road, Dhama Syedan, Gulshanabad, GT Road, Humak, Model Town, Dhoke Syedan, Bakra Mandi, Dhoke Hassu, Dhoke Elahi Bux, Kashmirian Dhoke, Hazara Colony, Sadiqabad, Waris Khan, Committee Chowk, Commercial, Dhoke Kala Khan, Muslim Town, Dhoke Khaba, Chakra, IJP Road and many other areas.

Competitions of kite flying were held and the people shouted “Bou Kata” and fired gunshots into air after cutting-loose the kites of opponents in “Pechas”. People enjoyed kite flying by standing on the roofs and on the big buildings. Reportedly many small children got injured after hitting with vehicles on roads while catching stary kites. The power supply remained suspended in many areas owing to fluctuation. On the other hand, police parties conducted raids in many localities and held kite flyers and recovered kites, twines and weapons from their possessions. Cases were registered against all the detainees in all police stations. CPO, DCO and Commissioner could not be approached for their comments on huge violation of ban on kite flying.

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