Rawalpindi Traffic Police performing well with all available resources

CTO PicFahad Altaf/ Rizwan Haider

RAWAPLINDI: City traffic police performing duties in an excellent way with all the available resources and it is hard to link the concept of corruption with the traffic police and young educated wardens performing duties in a decent way as people appreciate their behaviour. It was stated by the Shoiab Khuram Janbaz CTO in an exclusive interview with the Patriot, he said that” We are facing many difficulties as the construction work on Metro Bus Project is in progress, but still we have made three shifts, working on to control the flow of the traffic, but it becomes hard to control traffic on rush hours at some pints”. He said that “especially we are faces health issues and secondly we have arranged 5505 wardens in three shifts on Metro Bus route and we are controlling traffic in but we are facing problems in different areas to control the flow of traffic as metro bus plan is heading towards its end”.

He said that several letters have been written to the high authorities of Punjab government to provide masks to prevent from dust, umbrellas, reflecting jackets, barriers, lifters and cars to control flow of traffic especially at Murree road. While answering a question he said that letters have been written to the concerned departments regarding the increasing encroachments on road which puts hurdles to control the flow of the traffic.

He said that special arrangements are being done for the educational classes for wardens to make their behavior more pleasant with common public. He said that he visits various parts of the city to check the situation and see the behaviours of the wardens and to have an eye of on the wardens. He said that government of Punjab has given fund of around Rs 50 million to control the flow of traffic in Murree during winter season .He said that after website of the CTO has been launched and very positive responses are being received regarding this and people are getting the vital information via visiting the website. He also said that social media is being used for the same purpose and facebook and twitter pages have been created for mass awareness regarding traffic rules. He also said that awareness programs are also being arranged by city traffic police and special lectures are being delivered on weekly basis in different schools and collages of Rawalpindi. He said radio station would also be launched for the same purpose very soon. He said that during special crack down campaigns more than one lakh challans and auto mobiles having illegal sample of number-plats seized. Over sixty thousand on tinted glasses along with strict actions are being taken on the drivers with no driving licenses.



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