Rates of camps at holy sites for Haj to be reduced

ISLAMABAD (PR): Saudi Haj Minister Bandar Hajjar has said his ministry will reduce occupancy rates of camps at the holy sites from 85 percent to 75 percent with the aim to reduce the cost of the annual pilgrimage.

According to a press release received here, Sunday, Minister Bandar Hajar revealed that the ministry is considering the re-evaluation of Haj companies and allowing them to reduce the number of their branches. This, according to the ministry, will suit the pilgrims they will serve.

Meanwhile, Hatem Qadi, ministry’s spokesman, confirmed that the low cost Haj procedures have been completed with 20,500 bookings, before the end of the 48-hour extension.

He said the low cost Haj accommodates around 41,000 pilgrims and the duties are shared between the ministry and Haj establishments.

The ministry also defined the prices of camps on a priority basis starting from SR5,000 for the most favored locations to as low as SR2,500.

Qadi said the ministry has allocated 53 camps to low cost Haj services distributed among 116 establishments.

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