Rangers called in to control Lahore situation

LAHORE: In view of increasing violence due to protest at Ferozepur Road, Pakistan Rangers has been called in to bring the situation under control.

According to details, 15 people were initially injured in clashes with police after thousands of protesters took to the Ferozepur Road against Lahore church attacks and resorted to violence.

Earlier, the Punjab government has on Monday decided to deploy Rangers in Youhannabad to maintain law and order.

Protesters continued protesting and damaging the public property on Ferozpur Road throughout the day as situation got more and more complicated in the area. Government has also decided to deploy teams of Punjab Constabulary and Reserve Police.

Angry Christian protesters continued protesting on Ferozpur Road on Monday and damaged several cars. Many bystanders were also beaten up by the mob. Many of the journalists were also injured by the stoning and media cars were damaged.

Police seemed unable to control the protesters. As situation got out of control, police baton-charged the protesters and used tear-gas shelling.

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore visited the Nishter Town and Youhannabad areas and told the protesters to back off. He warned that law will have to take its course if the protesters didn’t back off.=DNA

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