Raging floodwater, sit-ins and abuse of power

Flood continued playing havoc in southern Punjab The water has been spread so wide and long that it has reportedly become extremely difficult for the concerned quartos to differentiate between the river bed and the fields.

Until now, more than 350 villages in District Jhang were inundated with water by breaches made at two places in Athari Hazari bund on Wednesday-Thursday night leaving trail of destruction behind. The real estimates of the damage could only be given after the water recedes. Initial estimates drawn up by National Disaster Management Authority indicate that the calamity has caused huge devastation as the loss to the crops has been termed as unprecedented .People affected by the calamity in Jhang too are complaining that they haven’t received any relief even potable water. They have been only provided tents from the relief camps only while concerned authorities are being accused of distributing food to people of their choice.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his visit to the flood affected areas of Haveli in Azad Kashmir has announced that the Pakistani government would bear the cost of damages incurred. The PM assured the people of Kashmir every possible support and asked them not to feel alone or abandoned as each and every Pakistanis would stand by them in this difficult time. The Prime Minister again criticized the Pakistan Tehrik Insaf and Pakistan Awami Party leadership for making attempts to block the way of progress through sit-ins. He indirectly conveyed the message to the both protesting parties that the world has moved forward and we are still caught in politics of sit-ins.

While the floodwater continued causing damages to the standing crops, destroying the houses, killing people, the law and order situation in Karachi has again reached to an alarming proportion. The target killing of political, religious people has created panic among the masses. The target killing of Allama Akbar Abbas son of Allama Abbas Kumelli a prominent religious scholar, Maulana Masood Baig son-in-law of Mufti Naeem, head of Jamia Binoria Wednesday and the killing of MQM’s Haider Abbas Rizvi security guard has proved that the administration has miserably failed to put and end to such inhuman and cowardly acts. So far the law enforcement agencies have failed to nab the perpetrators. Despite the presence of heavily armed contingents of Rangers and police, there seems no let up in the crimes. The anti state elements are playing with the lives of innocent people without any fear of law of the land. Those sitting on the helm of affairs seem to have other priorities rather than putting an end to the very menace. The Sindh government remained busy in criticizing the federal government for not releasing the much-needed funds and depriving the province of its due share. The posting/ transferring of bureaucrats of their own choice have made the situation more complex. The recruitments on political basis have badly damaged the image of police department in public eyes. There are reports that most of the policemen recruited in the past have criminal background. The target killers, bhutta mafia and terrorists are roaming free and striking at their will. The situation speaks volume about the credibility of the system in the province.

The political confrontation is also leading nowhere as none of the stakeholders are ready to show any flexibility on the Prime Minister’s resignation. Talks on government level have not bore the fruits. Government is claiming that it has accepted almost every demand of the protesting party PTI but not ready to accept the demand seeking resignation of the PM. The PTI and PAT leaders are blaming the government for the deadlock. The political jirga consists of opposition parliamentary leaders is also trying to convince the government as well the protesting parties to find a peaceful solution to end the crises which has badly affected the lives of common man. Despite the repeated appeals made by the political jirga to all the stakeholders for not using inflammatory or threatening languages, the war of words are continued as both sides accusing each other for damaging the country’s economy, tarnishing the image in the eyes of world community.

The masses are again caught in the middle of the ongoing political confrontation. After the removal of containers on the orders of LHC, now people who have no affiliation with any political parties are again being harassed by the policemen. People trying to reach workplace are being offloaded by the cops from the public transport. Policemen are not letting those commuters entering the federal capital who are not the resident of the twin cities accusing them of joining sit-ins. This situation can not be justified in civilized society and would add more trouble for the incumbent government.


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