Rabbani warns of dangers to federation if system was derailed

Mushahid stresses for improved civil-military relations

ISLAMABAD: As the Parliament continued debate on the prevailing political situation for the 3rd day on Thursday, members from different parties displayed complete unity to defend the constitution, parliament and democracy. They warned of dangers to the very integrity of the country if the system was derailed and vowed to foil the conspiracies of those staging dharnas outside the Parliament to enforce the system of their choice.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who was present in the Parliament for the third day running and apparently looked relaxed with the Parliament at his back, received full support of the members who appreciated dialogue process but impressed upon him not to compromise.

Professor Sajid Mir, opening the debate on the third day of joint session of the Parliament, said that they do not accept enforced politics like they did not accept forced Shariah. He said that they didn’t even accept the forced Shariah of Sufi Mohammad, then how did Imran and Qadri think that they would accept enforced politics.

Prof Sajid Mir said that Imran and Qadri need to be dealt strictly like Taliban as they both want to rule people according to their choice and under their imposed system. He also criticized Imran Khan and said, “Imran Khan is not a politician, he is basically a bowler and is bowling bouncers and no-balls.” He further said that the demand of prime minister’s resignation is unacceptable. He said that Islam can only be implemented through democracy.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Raza Rabbani said that the current crisis was a war for power between institutions and a united Parliament can confront all conspiracies. He warned that if the system is derailed, danger would not only be to the 1973 Constitution but to the federation of Pakistan. He said attempts are being made to derail the system through the dead bodies.

Rabbani took strong notice of threats hurled by Dr Qadri against Syed Khursheed Shah and said the PPP jiyalas know how to deal with those who raise accusing fingers at their leadership. He said they have the tradition of laying down lives but never surrendering. He said Dr Qadri had anger over the speech of Shah Mahmood Qureshi and he made Syed Khursheed Shah his target.

Rabbani said on Wednesday it was said that Parliament was victorious, but he thought that the war was still ongoing. “Those who think that this was the first or last attack on Parliament are wrong, this is a war for the federation.”

Rabbani said if the system is derailed; the federation would be at risk from dictatorship which would not be acceptable. “We will not compromise even if the government does so. The constitution will defend itself.” Rabbani further said that the journey from dictatorship to democracy was painful and Pakistan would need to be saved from the rolling elite.

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