Rabbani calls for creating awareness among youth about federalism

ISLAMABAD: Acting President Mian Raza Rabbani has underscored the need to raise awareness amongst the youth about federalism adding that the universities should take initiative to teach federalism as a subject for better understanding and creating unity across the country.

The Acting President said this while talking to a 32 faculty members’ delegation of Balochistan universities who called on him here at Parliament House on Thursday.

Welcoming the members of delegation, the Acting President stated that the extended cooperation between federal and Balochistan universities was a positive development as it would lead to promotion of higher education. Talking about 18th amendment, the Acting President noted that its passage granted provincial autonomy to the provinces which was a crucial step in the constitutional history of Pakistan.

‘Federation got stronger after the passing of 18th amendment. The provinces should consolidate what they have got under the 18th amendment adding that the provinces have to be proactive in guarding their rights’, remarked the Acting President.

The Acting President underlined that the federating units should take measures to make Council of Common Interest a vibrant body in order to ensure smooth and effective implementation of gains achieved under 18th amendment noting that in accordance with the Article 154 of the constitution, meeting of Council for Common Interests should be held within 90 days.

The acting President called for countering a particular mindset which wasn’t yet ready to transfer powers to the provinces adding that such an attitude could pose threat to the federation. The Acting President said that the 18th amendment was not a final document and the provinces could remove structural flaws, if any, through mutual consensus.

The Acting President stated that he is for the supremacy of law and parliament and emphasized that the democratic process should continue uninterrupted noting that the federalism would stay only if democratic system stays. The Acting President called for including constitutional history in the curriculum to create awareness about it.

Later, the Acting President had a candid discussion with the visiting delegation. NNI

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