Qureshi says PPP & JUI(F) deeply involved in Senate elections horse trading

Blames Govt for not making sincere efforts for constitutional amendment

ISLAMABAD: Vice Chairman of PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that  the demand for open balloting in Senate elections has exposed both PPP & JUI-F as political parties which are deeply involved in horse trading & undertaking undemocratic measures to buy their way into Senate.

In a statement here Wednesday before his departure for Peshawar, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said  that PPP & JUI-F’s  clear denial to support the 22nd constitutional amendment for open balloting in the Senate elections is a clear indictment of their complicity in this undemocratic practice.

He said PTI is the first political party to openly highlight the issue of ongoing practice of horse trading & corruption in the Senate elections including a strong demand for open balloting. However, the political developments over the last few days have revealed that despite its agreement in respect of the requirement for a constitutional amendment pertaining to  open balloting in senate elections , the federal government has not undertaken any sincere efforts to ensure that it takes place prior to the upcoming senate elections.

Qureshi said every elected member of Parliament has a moral obligation to protect the mandate provided by the voter &  ensure that the Senate  is representative of the provincial allocation envisaged in the constitution of Pakistan.

He said  PTI is committed to ensuring free , fair & transparent elections in Pakistan & will continue to stand against efforts to undermine democracy & deprive the mandate of the people of Pakistan .


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